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MiTA MYANMAR your Myanmar Market Partner



  Opportunities to advertise in Myanmar: Medical Equipment, Medical Devices, Medical supplies, Medicines / Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs, Food Supplements, Health Drinks, Dental Equipment, Surgical Equipment, Cosmetics, Spa & Beauty Products, Sports & Fitness Equipment, Technology in Healthcare, Diagnostics Equipment, Disinfection & Sterilization Equipment, Hospital Construction Materials, Hospital & Clinical Management Services, etc.  Register with Myanmar FDA & Find Distributors in Myanmar.  Advertise in Myanmar and Join us during:

  • MiTA Myanmar Medical & Health Care Exhibition and Conference;
  • Myanmar Pharmaceutical Exhibition & Conference;
  • Myanmar Hospital & Clinical Exhibition & Conference;
  • Myanmar Sports & Fitness Equipment & Services Exhibition & Conference; and
  • Myanmar Cosmetics, Beauty, Spa & Wellness Products & Services Exhibition




Sponsor MHC 2016; be a part of Myanmar's most influential Medical & Health Care Conference and Exhibition.   SPONSORS FOR CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION PROGRAMME (Only one sponsorship opportunity is available) ... more

Front Cover Pg. Inside AD

Myanmar Pharmaceutical Distributors, Myanmar Pharma Companies, Myanmar Medical Devices Companies, ADVERTISE IN MYANMAR

  Myanmar Pharma Distributors, Medical Pharmaceutical Companies: Branding in Myanmar Front Cover Page Inside (Color, Width= 13.5 cm x Height= 20 cm)   Price Welcome Package Till 5th Feb. 2016 ... more

First Inner Pg. AD

Myanmar Medical Devices Company, Medical Equipment Companies, Myanmar Medical Distributors, ADVERTISE @ MHC

Myanmar Medical Devices Company, Medical Equipment Companies, Myanmar Medical Distributors: Myanmar Advertising   Front Side of First Inner Page (Color, Width= 13.5 cm x Height= 20 cm)   Price Welcome Pack... more

Back Cover Pg. Inside AD

Myanmar Medical & Pharma,, Myanmar Healthcare, Myanmar Cosmetics & Beauty Products, ADVERTISE @ MHC

Myanmar Medical Distributor, Myanmar Medical Device, Medical Equipment Back Cover Page Inside (Colour, Width= 13.5 cm x Height= 20 cm)   Price Welcome Package Till 5th Feb. 2016 ... more

Full Inner Page AD

Myanmar Hospitals, Myanmar Clinics, , Myanmar Diagnostic Centers, Myanmar Physiotherapy Centers, ADVERTISE @ MHC

  Myanmar Hospitals, Myanmar Clinics, Myanmar Diagnostic Centers   Full Inner Page (Colour, Width= 13.5 cm x Height= 20 cm) - Myanmar Communication   Price Welcome Package Till 5th Feb. ... more

Half Inner Page AD

Medical Equipment & Devices, Pharmaceticals, Cosmetics, Physiotherapy Equipment, etc, ADVERTISE IN MYANMAR

  ADVERTISE IN MYANMAR - MHC Myanmar Exhibition   Half Inner Page (Black & White, Width= 13.5 cm x Height= 9.5 cm)   Price Welcome Package Till 5th Feb. 2016 ... more

Do you want to know about Myanmar Medical Market Size, Marketing in Myanmar, Advertising in Myanmar, Myanmar Medical Distribution, Medical Distributors in Myanmar, Myanmar Medical Companies, FDA Registration, etc?

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Guests, Speakers & Advisors

Mr. Lucien De Busscher

Partner, Advisory Department
EY Belgium.

Dr. Madhab Paul

Managing Director, MiTA Services Pte Ltd

U Than Maung

Advocate, Legal Consultant, Yangon, Myanmar
Upcoming Conferences

Banking, Finance & Insurance

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Garments & Apparel

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Local Content & Localization

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Telecom, IT & ITES

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Trade & Investment

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar Medical-Pharma, Healthcare & Cosmetics Expo and Conference

17-19 June 2016, Yangon, Myanmar.

Mining Conventions

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Power & Renewable Energy

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Real Estate & Property Development

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Oil & Gas

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Infrastructure Construction Conference

To be Announced, Yangon, Myanmar

SME Investment Conference & Workshop

To be Announced, Yangon, Myanmar

MiTA Services Pte Ltd (Singapore)

MiTA Services Pte Ltd is a consulting company. MiTA Group of Companies provide management consulting, investment advisory, project engineering services in Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand among other countries.


Our Proven Track Records as a reputed consulting firm in Myanmar. In Myanmar, our companies provide one-stop consulting services to foreign investors for entry into Myanmar’s emerging market and business match-making with local Myanmar companies since 2009.


We also provide corporate organization restructuring, business process re-engineering and contract management services to local Myanmar companies.


MiTA Myanmar @ ISBC

Myanmar Consultants & Advisors of MiTA consists of professionally qualified and highly experienced personnel with international experience. In Myanmar, we also have a Panel of Advisors and Senior Consultants who retired from Myanmar Govt. Ministries, Departments and Public Sector Enterprises and Developmental Organizations.


MiTA conducts and promotes ethical business in Myanmar complying with FCPA, UK Bribery Act & Myanmar Anti-corruption Laws.


One Stop Customized Investment & Business Consulting in Myanmar since 2009. MiTA Group of Companies provide following consulting services in Myanmar: screening & selecting local Myanmar Partner(s), Due-Diligence, Investment Advisory, Agreement Negotiations, Myanmar Company Registrations, MIC Permit, EIA & SIA, Agency & Marketing, Myanmar Market Research, Myanmar Translations, Localization, Recruitment, Organization Restructuring, Project Management, etc.
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Clients & Projects

MiTA’s clients and business associates are from Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.
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Business Sectors

In Myanmar we provide services across all major business sectors / industries: • Oil and GasPowerRenewable EnergyMiningTelecommunicationInformation Technology & IT Enabled ServicesReal EstateInfrastructureAgricultureMedical & Health CareManufacturingSMEEnvironmental Engineering and Waste ManagementFisheries and AquacultureGarments and ApparelHandicrafts and AntiqueBanking Finance and Insurance.
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Consulting Services

Our customized consulting services include:
Myanmar Market Entry Strategy: Emerging Market
Due Diligence and Risk-Opportunity Analysis
Marketing, Branding & Reputation Management in   Myanmar
IEE, EIA, EMP, SIA & CSR Consulting
Myanmar Company Registration with DICA, MIC Permit
Investment Advisory Services
Investment in Myanmar’s Oil & Exploration Blocks: Firm-in   & Farm-out
Engineering Consulting and Project Management
Management Consulting in Myanmar, Singapore &   Thailand
Business Restructuring, Corporate Training &   Development
Myanmar Market Research and Business Development
Liaison, Agency & Marketing: Myanmar, Singapore &   Thailand
Recruitment Consulting and Executive Search Services
Localization, Local Content and HR Management
Myanmar / Burmese Translation Services: Technical &   Commercial Documents
Customized Business Travel Management in Myanmar


MiTA | Your Myanmar Local Partner

MiTA Myanmar @ ISBC: MiTA Services (Singapore) provides consulting services in Myanmar in association with MiTA Myanmar @ Investment & Strategic Business Consulting (ISBC) which is registered with Energy Planning Department (EPD) / Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), Ministry of Energy. ISBC is a Myanmar registered local Myanmar firm having office in Yangon.

The MiTA Myanmar Exhibitions and Conferences are unique and different from the conferences being organized by Professional Conferences and Exhibitions Organizers (PCOs) because MiTA is drawing on its experience in providing investment advisory, management consulting and engineering services in South East Asian regions especially in Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

MiTA Services is committed to Green Environment, Sustainable Development and Value Creation for the Ecological Society where man coexists with nature. MiTA Services commits to use minimal papers in office work to save the trees and encourages everybody using electronic media as much as feasible. MiTA’s research, engineering design and management practice will follow green business philosophy.