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Professor Dr. Zaw Wai Soe

Professor Dr. Zaw Wai Soe

Rector , University of Medicine (1), Yangon, Myanmar

Professor Dr. Zaw Wai Soe is now Rector of the University of Medicine (1), Yangon, Myanmar.



  1. MBBS(Yangon)   October/1986
  2. M.Med.Sc(Ortho)   February/1995
  3. FRCS(Glasgow)   November/1997
  4. Dr.Med.Sc(Ortho)  February/2005
  5. Diploma in Medical Education  December/2006


Foreign experience

  1. UK  for  FRCS ( 1997 – 1999 )
  2. Japan for APOA spinal surgery fellow (2004)
  3. Thailand for Orthopaedic Conference (2006)
  4. FRANCE for Accident and Emergency Care(2007)
  5. Thailand for Inter-Country Workshop for Trainers in injury (2008)
  6. Maldives for Inter- Country Workshop in Injury Surveillance SEA Region (2009)
  7. Thailand for Emergency Medical Service(2009)
  8. India for Injury Prevention in undergraduate medical curriculum (2009)
  9. Singapore for Medical Cover (2010):   22-8-2010 to 2-9-2010
  10. Australasion college for Emergency Medicine, Annual scientific meeting: 12-11-2011 to 26-11-2011
  11. Thailand for AO ASIA –PACEFIC Spine Meeting: 9-2-2012 to 12-2-2012
  12. BUDAPEST for 2nd FIFA Medical Congress: 21-5-12 to 26-5-12
  13. PHILIPPINE for Cervical Spine Hands-on live Skill Course: 5-7-2012 to 7-7-2012
  14. AUSTRALIA for Global Burden of Surgical Disease Symposium: 25-9-12 to 30-9-2012
  15. SINGAPORE for AO Spine East Asia Advance Symposium Observation: 1-3-2013 to 5-3-2013
  16. Japan for Observation: 10-3-2013 to 15-3-2013
  17. AMERICIAN CHICAGO for Americian of Orthopaedic Surgeon AAOS Annual: 17-3-2013 to 28-3-2013
  18. BANKOK for Civil Air Medical Translation Conference: 22-7-2013 to 25-7-2013
  19. THANLAND for Medical University Cadaver lab: 4-9-2013 to 7-9-2013
  20. JAPAN for 7th Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine: 21-10-2013 to 25-10-2013
  21. JAPAN .SENDAI for 100th Anniversary: 6-3-2014 to 9-3-2014
  22. HONG KONG for Observation: 18-4-2014 to 23-4-2014
  23. UK for Visiting Hospital: 26-7-2014 to 31-7-2014


Present employment

Orthopaedic & Traumatology Department

Yangon General Hospital



Yangon Orthopaedic Hospital

Yangon , MYANMAR


University of Medicine I



Present position               Rector, University of Medicine (1), Yangon, Myanmar


Past employments


( Date of 1st employment    11.09.1989 )


1. House Officer                                         NOGH                        21.11.86 – 21.11.87


2. Civil Assistant Surgeon Myingyan Hospital             11.09.89 – 28.12.92


3. Central Institute of Civil Service        Phaunggyi                12.12.89 – 27.04.90


4. Central Institute of Civil Service        Phaunggyi                02.05.93 – 29.05.93

(Special Course)


5. M. Med. Sc student                  IM (Mandalay)                    28.12.92 – 25.04.95

(DMS-Training pool)


6. Demonstrator                            IM (Mandalay)                    26.04.95 – 01.08.95



7. Civil Assistant Surgeon Yangon Orthopaedic         02.08.95 – 04.07.97



8. FRCS Training

Orthopaedic Registrar              Falkirk Royal Infirmary     07.07.97 – 12.10.99



9. Civil Assistant Surgeon Yangon Orthopaedic

Hospital                  16.11.99 – 11.10.00


10. Consultant Orthopaedic       Yangon General

Surgeon                                Hospital                 12.10.00 – 15.01.04


11. Consultant/Lecturer               University of Medicine I

Yangon                                  16.01.04 – 09.06.05

12. Senior Consultant/Lecturer Yangon General Hospital

University of Medicine I   10.06.05 -31-5-2007

13. Associate Professor                Yangon General Hospital1-6-2007-21-6- 2010

Yangon Orthopedic Hospital

14. Professor                                   Yangon General Hospital   22-6-2010 – Now


Teaching activity


1992 – 1995            M.Med.Sc (Ortho) Student


Teaching to 3rd M.B  students, and House Officers in Institute of Medicine, Mandalay.


1995 – 1997  Fellowship Candidate, at New Yangon General Hospital


Teaching to 3rd  M.B and Final Part I,  Final Part II , M.Med Sc (surgery) Yangon and Examiner to Undergraduate medical students, Institute of Medicine (1),.


1997 – 1999  In U.K After Fellowship

Teaching to House Officers in Falkirk Royal Infirmary.


1999 – 2004   Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Yangon General Hospital


-Teaching to 3rd M.B, Part I, Part II, House Surgeon,

M.Med.Sc(ortho),M.Med.Sc(surgery),M.Med.Sc(Physical Medicine),

-B.N.Sc, B.P.Sc, T.M.O Training and

-Fellowship( FRCS & MRCS ) Training and Fellowship Course in Myanmar.

*Working like a full-time lecturer

2004-2007   Senior consultant/Lecture, Yangon General Hospital

– Full time teaching in University of Medicine I, Yangon

2007-now   Senior consultant / Associate Professor,

Yangon General Hospital

– Full time teaching in University of Medicine I, Yangon


Academic activity

Joint academic secretary of Orthopaedic Society , Myanmar Medical Association ( 2000-2001 )


Academic secretary of  Orthopaedic Society , Myanmar Medical Association ( since 12/2001 -2005 )


General secretary of Orthopaedic  Society , Myanmar Medical

Association ( 2005 – now )


Attended Courses


  1. Basic Arthroscopy Course ( 3/1998  Royal College of Physcian & Surgeon , Glasgow )


  1. Hip Arthoplasty ( 7/1998  Royal College of Physcian & Surgeon , Glasgow )


  1. Knee Arthroplasty ( 12/1998 Royal College of Physcian & Surgeon , Glasgow )


  1. Advance Arthroscopy Course ( 3/1999  Royal College of Physcian & Surgeon , Glasgow )


  1. The 13th Edinburgh International Trauma Symposium ( 8/1999 )
  2. Spinal surgery fellow course in Sandi Japan ( 4/2009 to 2004 )





A paper submitted for M.Med.Sc (Ortho) in 1994

A Comparative Study Between Open Reduction  K-wire Fixation  and Modified Dunlop’s Traction of Displaced Supracondylar Fracture of The Humerus in Children (Mandalay General Hospital – 1992-1994 )


Dynamic Hip Screw Fixation Video Presentation

(Orthopaedic Surgeon Conference 1999)

Arthroscopic Surgery

(Surgeon Conference 2000)


A case report in Myanmar Orthopaedic Journal 2/2001

A Patient with Giant Cell Tumour of the Femoral Condyle treated with Arthrodesis of the knee by using long Kuntscher nail
Injury surveillance report

1.1.2003 to 31.1.2003, Yangon General Hospital , Yangon , Myanmar ( Accident Prevention – WHO Report )


Antegrade solid interlocking intramedullary nailing inYangon General Hospital , Yangon , Myanmar(2002-2003)

( SIGN Nail Report, Orthopaedic Conference 2003 )


Anterior Clearance and bone grafting in tuberculosis of the spine in

Unit III ,Yangon Orthopaedic Hospital, Yangon(2001-2003)

( Orthopaedic Conference 2003 )


Kurokawa’s Laminoplasty Using HA Spinous Process Spacer in Myanmar Orthopaedic Journal 2/2004


A thesis paper summitted for Dr.Med.Sc(Ortho) in 2005

Comparative Study on Operative Method and Conservative

Method of Intercondylar Fracture of Jumerus Type II and Type

III in Adult


Injury surveillance report, Myanmar (2005)


Epidemiology Study of Trauma Cases among Cyclone Nargis

Survivors in Bogalae Township   (2008)


Scoliosis Surgery in Myanmar (2009)



Accident Prevention Activity


Assistant Project Manager (since 2000)

Accident Prevention Project

Department of Health

Ministry of Health



Participated in Workshops and Meetings in Myanmar


Injury Survey in Yangon General Hospital (2003)


Injury Survey in Myanmar (2005)


Touring and Lecturing in Yangon, Mandalay, Myitkyeena, Myeik, Thantwe, Hakhar, Taungoo, Kyaingtong for Accident Prevention




Special interest

1. Spinal Surgery

2. Arthroplasty

3. Trauma Surgery

4. Accident Prevention

5. Medical Education


Myanmar Medical Expo, Myanmar Pharma Expo, Myanmar Healthcare Conference

To help you explore Myanmar Market, since 2014, MiTA is also organizing International Exhibitions and Conferences in Myanmar. Our Events in 2015 & 2016 were grand success. The event in 2016 was inaugurated by Dr. Maung Maung Lay and Ambassador of Czech Republic. Exhibition in 2015 was inaugurated by by H.E. Dr. Thein Thein Htay, Dy Minister, MOH and Dr. Maung Maung Lay, VP of UMFCCI. In 2014 the event was held @UMFCCI Building and was inaugurated by UMFCCI President & Mayor of Yangon.


MiTA Myanmar Medical Expos & Conferences are not just another exhibition in Myanmar. These are the Great Market Platforms to initiate & grow Business in Myanmar.  Supported by a PROMISE to help you find Distributors and JV-Investment Partners and get to know how to do business in Myanmar.








Our all events are usually very successful. We invite your participation in case you are interested in doing business in Myanmar or exploring Myanmar Healthcare Market.


Myanmar is growing fast and it is last frontier in SE Asia; explore ADVANTAGES IN MYANMAR Investment-Trade, Export & Import.


MiTA is Myanmar Market Partner for Export-Import and JV-Investment in Myanmar.

MiTA Myanmar @ ISBC is preferred Partner for JV-Investment, Export-Import, Real Estate and Manufacturing since 2011.  MiTA Services Pte Ltd (Singapore) is providing consulting for investment and trade in Myanmar since 2009.


Think about doing business in Myanmar, contact MiTA Myanmar; attend MiTA Myanmar Exhibitions and Conferences for Brand Promotion and Product Launch!


MiTA, popular as Myanmar Market Partner, looking forward to hearing from you about your interest in doing business in Myanmar.

Guests, Speakers & Advisors

Mr. Lucien De Busscher

Partner, Advisory Department
EY Belgium.

Dr. Madhab Paul

Managing Director, MiTA Services Pte Ltd

U Than Maung

Advocate, Legal Consultant, Yangon, Myanmar
Upcoming Conferences

Banking, Finance & Insurance

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Garments & Apparel

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Local Content & Localization

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Telecom, IT & ITES

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Trade & Investment

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar Medical-Pharma, Healthcare & Cosmetics Expo and Conference

17-19 June 2016, Yangon, Myanmar.

Mining Conventions

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Power & Renewable Energy

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Real Estate & Property Development

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Oil & Gas

To be annouced, Yangon, Myanmar.

Infrastructure Construction Conference

To be Announced, Yangon, Myanmar

SME Investment Conference & Workshop

To be Announced, Yangon, Myanmar

MiTA Services Pte Ltd (Singapore)

MiTA Services Pte Ltd is a consulting company. MiTA Group of Companies provide management consulting, investment advisory, project engineering services in Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand among other countries.


Our Proven Track Records as a reputed consulting firm in Myanmar. In Myanmar, our companies provide one-stop consulting services to foreign investors for entry into Myanmar’s emerging market and business match-making with local Myanmar companies since 2009.


We also provide corporate organization restructuring, business process re-engineering and contract management services to local Myanmar companies.


MiTA Myanmar @ ISBC

Myanmar Consultants & Advisors of MiTA consists of professionally qualified and highly experienced personnel with international experience. In Myanmar, we also have a Panel of Advisors and Senior Consultants who retired from Myanmar Govt. Ministries, Departments and Public Sector Enterprises and Developmental Organizations.


MiTA conducts and promotes ethical business in Myanmar complying with FCPA, UK Bribery Act & Myanmar Anti-corruption Laws.


One Stop Customized Investment & Business Consulting in Myanmar since 2009. MiTA Group of Companies provide following consulting services in Myanmar: screening & selecting local Myanmar Partner(s), Due-Diligence, Investment Advisory, Agreement Negotiations, Myanmar Company Registrations, MIC Permit, EIA & SIA, Agency & Marketing, Myanmar Market Research, Myanmar Translations, Localization, Recruitment, Organization Restructuring, Project Management, etc.
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Clients & Projects

MiTA’s clients and business associates are from Japan, USA, UK, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.
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Business Sectors

In Myanmar we provide services across all major business sectors / industries: • Oil and GasPowerRenewable EnergyMiningTelecommunicationInformation Technology & IT Enabled ServicesReal EstateInfrastructureAgricultureMedical & Health CareManufacturingSMEEnvironmental Engineering and Waste ManagementFisheries and AquacultureGarments and ApparelHandicrafts and AntiqueBanking Finance and Insurance.
…read more


Consulting Services

Our customized consulting services include:
Myanmar Market Entry Strategy: Emerging Market
Due Diligence and Risk-Opportunity Analysis
Marketing, Branding & Reputation Management in   Myanmar
IEE, EIA, EMP, SIA & CSR Consulting
Myanmar Company Registration with DICA, MIC Permit
Investment Advisory Services
Investment in Myanmar’s Oil & Exploration Blocks: Firm-in   & Farm-out
Engineering Consulting and Project Management
Management Consulting in Myanmar, Singapore &   Thailand
Business Restructuring, Corporate Training &   Development
Myanmar Market Research and Business Development
Liaison, Agency & Marketing: Myanmar, Singapore &   Thailand
Recruitment Consulting and Executive Search Services
Localization, Local Content and HR Management
Myanmar / Burmese Translation Services: Technical &   Commercial Documents
Customized Business Travel Management in Myanmar


MiTA | Your Myanmar Local Partner

MiTA Myanmar @ ISBC: MiTA Services (Singapore) provides consulting services in Myanmar in association with MiTA Myanmar @ Investment & Strategic Business Consulting (ISBC) which is registered with Energy Planning Department (EPD) / Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), Ministry of Energy. ISBC is a Myanmar registered local Myanmar firm having office in Yangon.

The MiTA Myanmar Exhibitions and Conferences are unique and different from the conferences being organized by Professional Conferences and Exhibitions Organizers (PCOs) because MiTA is drawing on its experience in providing investment advisory, management consulting and engineering services in South East Asian regions especially in Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

MiTA Services is committed to Green Environment, Sustainable Development and Value Creation for the Ecological Society where man coexists with nature. MiTA Services commits to use minimal papers in office work to save the trees and encourages everybody using electronic media as much as feasible. MiTA’s research, engineering design and management practice will follow green business philosophy.